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Material Testing represents safety and reliability, for your products and for your business. For over 40 years now, TPW ROWO has been a trusted and reliable partner in industrial quality assurance for all materials and for all testing methods. Whatever tasks we assign ourselves to; we always act on the “principle of responsibility”. Whether we test in our own laboratories or workshops, onsite at our clients’ premises using our mobile test units or anywhere in the world – when it comes to quality assurance and material testing the sky is our limit. As a full service provider we accept every challenge in nondestructive and destructive material testing and we look closer than others.

Our new service centre for computer tomography (CT), established in 2007, goes far beyond the scope of conventional material testing. Although such computer tomographs are already applied in the big industry and for research, yet they are not open to the public. This means that TPW ROWO is in the unique position to offer the first “service computer tomograph” for testing of components – as a service that is unprecedented, econiconmically reasonable and fast.


Likewise we are able to implement your specific EDP requirements in close collaboration with our sister company, HEWOTEC. Regardless of whether it is a matter of a connection to your computer systems for electronic data interchange or specific documentation requirementsour service doesn’t end with our test reports.


Our highly qualified TPW ROWO personnel are employed to deliver our material testing services to clients all over the world. Our inspectors, welding experts, radiation protection officers and engineers have all the necessary qualifications and are available for any specific assignment of tasks. TPW ROWO is also a capable partner when it comes to the qualification and training of your own employees. Benefit from our vocational training concepts and rely on our experience in the recruitment process of qualified personnel.


Notwithstanding the great advantages of all the innovative technology, it is the people who make the difference at the end of the day.


TPW ROWO. Test best.


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