Title: Thermography

Cold, warm, warmer, hot.

Every firm surface radiates light at a certain temperature. The warmer the temperate, the brighter the radiation. When the temperature exceeds +500C the human eye will perceive the radiation as a glow. At an adequate ambient temperature all solid bodies will shine in a deep infrared. This long waved infrared light will be seen by all infrared cameras. Because the brightness of the infrared light is highly dependable on the actual temperature we are able to take remote measurements of the surface temperature and uncover flaws / heat sources.

We use the technologies of thermography to locate missing insulations on process controls, defect bearings on engines or pumps and to check complex electrical systems, amongst others. Our newest technology in this field is pulse thermography to visualise fine cracks or delaminations in components. As you can see: as hot as your job might be, we always keep a cool head.

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