Title: Ultrasonic Testing

We keep our eyes and ears open.

Our ultrasonic testing method is particularly suitable for the location of defects in sound conductive materials inside, outside and therefore in the whole cross section of the component. The acoustical method in nondestructive testing is used for quality control of tubes/pipes, welding seams and castings as well as for the determination of wall thickness.

Also plastics and plastic connections can be tested with ultrasonic testing. We conduct ultrasonic testing for example for the qualital control of welding seams in plastic polyethylene couplers. In addition, our personnel conduct highly innovative methods such as TOFT and phased array, as a matter of routine.

Even allowing for our sixth sense ultrasonic testing, such as all other testing methods, is standardised and is conducted accordant to standard procedures by TPW ROWO personnel. The reporting limit for the qualification of flaw sizes is set by either general standards or clients specifications.

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