We see right through every problem.

Radiographic Testing is particularly suitable for the location of volume flaws such as pores or slag – regardless of the material. The radiation goes right through the test object and creates an image on the provided radiographic film – depending on the amount of transmitted radiation – which we evaluate in regards to inhomogeneities.

Radiographic testing is economical, flexibly applicable and supplies – accordant to the modern system technology and our highly qualified testing personnel – reliable test results. By which we mean the results in regards to the quality of welding seams and massproduced castings. But also the general quality of steel, casts and plastics can be exactly assessed through radiographic testing.

Our xray vision is not just deep, but it also reaches far: because not only do we conduct this testing technology on our premises but also worldwide using mobile systems with state of the art xray tubes of different designs. Therewith we conduct radiographic testing on site of large scale projects, industrial tube/pipe systems and pressure vessels without any problems.


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