We see what others can’t.

What goes beyond xray vision? Digital Radiography. Our testing method for the recording and presentation of xray photographs by the means of electronic data processing. In contrast to the conventional method the results are available in a data file. This means that we can survey the image on screen and therefore can locate defects which would remain undetected using the conventional method.

We employ digital radiography with flatpanel systems and storage screens in industrial radiographic testing already. Not only stationary, but also worldwide using our mobile test units.

Advantages of Digital Radiography:

§ Significantly higher dynamics in comparison to film
§ Considerable less risk of inaccurate exposure
§ Instant informational value on site
§ Easy recognition of inhomogeneties
§ No darkroom, no developments of film – no chemicals
§ Improved image analysis through image processing possibilities
   and digital filters
§ High perceptibility of details
§ Enhancement up to x8
§ Electronic archiving
§ Worldwide availability of images
§ Archiving in networks
   Things are looking good for you: images can be saved easily, clearly
   arranged for archiving and computer based measuring.


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