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TPW ROWO offers material testing in the third dimension. As one of only a few service providers in Germany we are able to conduct material testing with our own computer tomograpgh: to provide a three dimensional exposition of component parts through radiography. Generally the component part is radiographed in up to 1020 steps during a rotation of 360°. Afterwards, a computer with a high quality graphic performance compiles the images to a three dimensional model. Different densities in the material of a component are displayed in varied grey scales. The three dimensional model allows us to set virtual cuts at any userdefined
point. The result shows the sectional plane just like in destructive testing but without physically destroying the component therefore
allowing the holistic inspection of all regions of a component part. Cavities and cracks can be surveyed and measured on screen. Another main field of operation is the measuring of complex geometries which can’t be tactually or optically measured. The surface of a component part can be extracted from the three dimensional model and inserted into CAD systems as an STL File (Reverse Engineering) – the fascination of technology.

The key performance features of our Computer Tomograph:

· Real three dimensional presentations of objects
· Specimen weight of up to 10kg
· Highest resolution, maximum enhancement: x100
· Detail recognition: up to 2 μm (dependant on component size)
· Special highly stable microfocus – x ray source: 255 kV
· Rapid data generation and volume reconstruction using special
· Geometrical surface extraction, precise measuring of components
· Convenient three dimensional visualisation in BScope
  presentations and layers using rendering software
· Digital Detector
· Three dimensional visualisation incl. false colour representation,
  AVI animated film and Bscope
  presentations from any direction


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