Title: Visual Inspections

Who do you trust more? Man or machine?

Visual Inspection is the oldest method in nondestructive material testing. Since the dawn of mankind, components have been tested by visual inspection. For extensive controls the visual inspection is an integral part Ė the skilled and experienced eye of our inspector can identify fabrication and processing defects already by looking at the body structure and shape of a component. By using additional nondestructive testing methods, such as endoscopy for example, exceptionally critical areas can be checked
after the visual inspection and for this reason detailed and conclusive test results are achieved. Results are not only stored in the head of the inspector, but also on data mediums, video or paper.

In installation engineering and tank inspections our experienced inspectors provide certifications and surveys. The location of inspection points on tube/pipelines and tanks is determined after a thorough visual inspection. Visual inspection is also increasingly used in other industrial areas after all, this testing method is indispensable in the automobile or aerospace industry.

Conclusion: It is comforting to know that you donít have to make a decision between man and machine, at TPW ROWO both is state of the art technology.... well, there it is again: technology!

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