We detect even the smallest defects. Because we always look at the big

Nondestructive testing reveals defects that are invisible to the naked eye, such as faulty welding seams, crack formations in materials, cavities or inclusions.

Until now, many of our testing methods were only used in conventional industries such as foundries, plant and machine construction. Due to new technologies we now also have a presence in high sensitive fields such as medical and plastic technologies and in the research and development of new materials and components. Many years of experience help us to
successfully adapt and apply existing testing methods – both stationary and mobile.

We apply a variety of physical procedures to reveal and document defects or weak spots. The results of our tests are provided in written test reports or printouts. In imaging methods, such as radiography, test results are also provided on film. Different standards and regulations apply for the execution of testing methods. The training of our personnel is based on the standard of DIN EN 473. And everything we do is also based on common sense.


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