Whatever you produce – trust is the most important component.

The new german “Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health” clearly places the responsibility for the construction and operation of a plant in your hands. The operator himself is solely responsible for the safe operation of the plant. In addition to the occupational health and safety requirements, possible sources of danger as pressure vessels and explosionprotected zones and equipment have to be considered. Basically, you are obligated to determine the risk potential of your plant on the grounds of the specific use and to prevent any potential hazards through appropriate measures and processes. Together with you we strive for the continuous improvement of your plant in accordance to uptodate standards of the latest technologies.

Testing is carried out after the commissioning of the plant and at specified regular intervals as well as after substantial changes of the plant by the responsible regulatory agency or authorised personnel.

TPW ROWO accompanies the whole life cycle of your plant with destructive and nondestructive material testing – also with your supplier. In the process we will work together with your employees in a trusting and cooperative partnership. Because the operational safety and reliability of your plant is our mutual goal.


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