You produce energy. We have energy.

In Germany you get your power from the plug on the wall. This is guaranteed by energy providers, who construct and operate power plants and the public power supply with great commitment. The entire german industry depends on the safety and efficiency of electricity suppliers.


Natural gas is used industrially and commercially as well as in private households to generate energy and heat. In addition to plant engineering and plant safety, the reliability of supply has to be ensured. A stationary transport system with thousands of kilometres of pipeline forms the technical backbone of our whole economy. In addition to the pipelines, transfer stations, compressor stations and gauging stations are part of the monitoring system.

TPW ROWO supports power plant operators and suppliers with all quality assurance measures such as material acceptances and additional testing in regards to the setup of systems, operating of plants and rapid problem solving solutions in case of possible defects.

We pride ourselves on our technical knowhow in the area of low pressure grids (household networks) and the testing of polythene pipe networks with the accordant components. Our ultrasonic testing system was specifically developed for the testing of polythene tube joints and even detects failures in the welded sleeve.

From smallscale to largescale power plants: our material testing guarantees the safe operation of all plants to ensure the supply of
electricity at the push of a button in every household, now and in the future.


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