We have thousands of square metres of testing area.
In other words, a lot of space for every industry.


We have 40 of our own comprehensive testing methods to fall back on and
in addition we also involve our partners, e.g. universities, in the process. By request we develop full testing concepts or accompany you during the
implementation of a testing system at your premises. We have the solution to your problem: whether it is a small hairline crack which we detect in our testing laboratories or you would like to slide a whole train into our workshops. We’ve been there and done that before.


Do you know an industry without any material testing needs? Materialtesting seems to be of importance in your industry also – after all, we areable to welcome you on our site.TPW ROWO is the specialist for industrial material testing: starting from the conventional areas of pipe/tube testing, weld seam testing and plant testing as well as cast testing up to testing of medical components, plastic and composite materials. All procedures that we employ comply with the individual specifications of our clients as well as general standards – and of course the possibilities of failure detection.


Material Testing GmbH

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E-Mail: info@tpw-rowo.de